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A manipulative media

October 11, 2016

Aussie Nationalist Blog

The elite, leftist media has continued to excoriate Donald Trump, as shown by the Guardian’s headline; ‘American Nazi Party leader sees a ‘real opportunity’ with a Trump presidency’.

Such a scam merely scratches the surface in the relationship between Trump and the media, which has consistently pushed a pro- Clinton agenda throughout the course of this Presidential campaign.

Think this claim is exceedingly biased towards Trump? Well how is it that Donald Trump, can receive such a tsunami of criticism in response to the comments of an unaffiliated, fringe group that carries zero traction in any American legislature, and yet Barrack Obama, when endorsed in the past by two more influential, and yet equally prejudiced organisations, in the Black Panthers, and the Nation of Islam, barely received a slither of such criticism?

Even the most partisan, Clinton- blind advocate, would recognize this grossly imbalanced double standard.

Evidently, as notorious publisher and Wikileaks leader Julian Assange has…

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